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Revealing the Heart of God in A Practical Way

Meet Ann

Minister, Author and Speaker

Ann is founder and CEO of An Encouraging Word with Ann Nunnally, a nonprofit tax-exempt organization, established to minister to the body of Christ through conferences, evangelical outreaches and writing. Ordained in 1993, Ann speaks at conferences and teaches the Word of God throughout the United States and in foreign countries. She is known for her solid Bible teaching, and practical approach to the Word of God. Her passion is to encourage and disciple by the unfailing truths in God’s Word. 


What We Are About


Ann is a great communicator of God’s love and hope, and she is a tireless encourager in helping us live out our faith in Christ. Her ministry has touched the lives of so many people – locally, nationally and across the world. What a blessing to be her partner in ministry – to help her minister in places I would never be able to go!​

- Judy McGuirk, Fultondale, AL

Ann Nunnally has impacted my life amazingly. Her teaching on the different gifts is the best I’ve ever heard and has helped me identify where I fit in the kingdom. Her teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is simple truth but power packed. She ministers with power and kingdom authority coupled with gentle grace.​

- Cassie Stephens, Tallahassee, FL

An Encouraging Word with Ann Nunnally is synonymous with its creator. Its’ offers of support, confidence and hope are grounded in God’s Word, made tangible by the servitude and friendship that Ann extends to those near and far. Mothers nurturing Mothers in this fashion grows and blooms us, bending us towards Christ. The fragrance of Christ radiates when Ann is nearby. A priceless gift for the soul.​

- Lydia Bauer, Sikeston, MO

Ann Nunnally is a fun-loving lady who exemplifies Jesus's instructions to be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves." Out of a deep love for Jesus and His people she consistently labors to study and teach the Word of God and to walk it out in Truth.  I am blessed to know Ann and to be a receiver of her wise encouragement.

- Mary Nell,
New Braunfels, TX

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