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Anointed to Minister, Empowered to Succeed

AMES is a “weekend away” program that is offered during odd calendar years for men and women who want to go deeper in their faith.  It is usually offered in May to men and is taught by Ann and Larry Nunnally. It is offered in July to women, and it is taught by Ann Nunnally. 


Each weekend is filled with 8 intensive sessions.  Attendees learn about the anointing, what ministry they are called to, what gifts they have been given, how to be empowered and what steps need to the taken to succeed in ministry. Attendees are taught how to practice the presence of the Lord. Each weekend has a lengthy Q & A where any subject may be discussed.  On Sunday, attendees are anointed, commissioned, and prayed for.  Prophetic words are often a part of this commissioning session.


Applications are received in January for the Men’s and Women’s weekends.  The cost of $300.00 includes room and board, all meals except lunch during Saturday “free time”, handouts and gifts. Weekends are held at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain Club Chalets, or Stephens Still Waters. The weekend is limited in size but is open to men and women of all denominations and ethnic backgrounds. 

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