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The Holy Land Experience

Join Ann Nunnally and Barry Perez for 10 days in the Holy Land October 16-25, 2023!


Upon arrival in the Land of the Bible, there will be much to absorb, from biblical and historical accounts to modern archeological discoveries.


This encounter will give you a fresh perspective bringing the Old and New Testaments alive as you’ve actually been to these places. What were once black words on white paper now jump off the page in living, high-definition color. You will now know what the Sea of Galilee, Megiddo, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem the city of God look like. You will experienced the Mount of Olives, to which David fled from Absalom and where Jesus delivered the preeminent Olivet discourse.

You will gaze upon the Jordan River where the Israelites walked across safely on dry ground by God’s miraculous power, and you will touch the cool waters in which Jesus was baptized. You will have a better understanding of world history, but more important, you will have a better understanding of how the very roots of our Christian faith are intertwined with the Lord’s promises to the Jewish people.


Every step of this journey will awaken your senses. You will learn and experience more than you could ever imagine. And as you walk throughout Israel, a place so rich in biblical history, it is amazing to know that there is always another world just below your feet. As you stand on the Cardo, an unearthed Roman main street in Jerusalem, one can see, in the banks of the excavation, soils from 6,000 years of history. There is a sign in a nearby archaeological project that reads, “You have descended three meters below the level of the present Jewish Quarter. You have gone back two thousand years in time.”

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